Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The American People, Census and Sensibility, and Immigration- Is the Door Still Open?

Questions related to these readings:

1. What are some political values that all Americans appear to share?
2. Since 9/11/01, have less immigrants settled in the United States?
3. How many immigrants are permitted to take up residency in the United States every year?
4. Why do you think immigration is mainly open to the European countries?
5. In 2001, why was Mexico the only country considered for amnesty?
6. Do Americans feel the same uneasiness about Middle Eastern immigrants that they feel for, say, western European immigrants?
7. How could the government enforce tighter border controls?
8. How long does it take to apply for legal citizenship in the United States?
9. Why does the INS only require men entering the United States from North African and Middle Eastern to be fingerprinted and photographed?
10. Is it ethical to "target special religious or nationality groups?" (American Government Ninth Edition, page 9)
11. Why is it that most people that are born poor in the United States remain poor? What factors contribute to this?
12. Why do poorer Americans vote less than their wealthier counterparts?
13. Is it common that a person's political views alter, maybe even to the point of switching political parties, as they age?
14. Does diversity play as large of a role in the political systems of other countries as it does in our's?
15. Explain how "multiracial" Americans create conflict among the Census Bureau. How could this problem be avoided or solved? Is there a solution?
16. In what ways does diversity affect American politics?
17. What are some reasons for opposing the multiple-choice approach in terms of collecting racial and ethnic information?
18. Why does our government collect information on race?
19. Realistically, is it possible to have one political culture in the United States?
20. What are some reasons that government exists?


  1. Abby, did you comment on two of your classmates' blogs? I only marked you for one.

  2. Yes, I left comments on Stephanie's and Rachael's.

  3. One of your questions was whether Americans feel the same uneasiness towards western European immigrants as they do for middle eastern immigrants. In my opinion, most Americans feel more on-edge about middle eastern immigrants. they feel this way solely due to our previous history with that part of the world. After all, it was middle eastern terrorists that were responsible for 9/11. However, I think that there are Europeans that partake in terrorist organizations in the middle east. I do believe that certain Europeans can be just as dangerous as terrorists from the middle east. Although, due to stereotypes, Americans are generally more uneasy about immigrants from the Middle East.

    You also asked if it is possible to have one political culture in the United States. I think this question is very thought provoking. I personally do not believe such a feat is possible but it also raises the question of "what if..." I feel that if there was only one political culture in the United States, it would take away America's sense of democracy and eventually bring about communist tendencies in our country. To have one political culture in our country is highly unrealistic.