Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Top Secret America

Things I learned
  1. The CIA knew the most about Al Qaeda- even more than the military knew.
  2. The codename for the Al-Qaeda mission was "Greystone."
  3. Greystone initiated in less than a week. The CIA went in before the military.
  4. Greystone worked with locals to minimize the American footprint.
  5. The CIA was given permission to use enhanced interrigation methods. 
  6. Covert actions must be approved by Congress and the President.
  7. The CIA has hundreds of buildings hidden in plain sight.
  8. Obama expanded covert affairs in Afghanistan. 
  9. More people are in the CIA than in the military.
  10. NSA mission: prevent future terrorist attacks.
  1. How long did it take for the Taliban to fall?
  2. Why was the war kept such a secret?
  3. What techniques did the CIA use to extract information?
  4. What is meant when Iraq is referred to as the "unconventional war?"
  5. What were the clues that suggested there were weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East?
  6. How must does the government spend on hidden intelligence agencies?
  7. It is worth it to spend so much on intelligence agencies?
  8. What is Americans' opinion of the CIA?
  9. Where does the name "Greystone" come from?
  10. Why was 9/11 ao secretive?

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