Saturday, January 7, 2012

Left, Right, Center- Third Parties

10-12 facts, details, opinions, and questions

  1. What would be the benefits of a third political party?
  2. The majority of Americans do not feel they relate to either the Democrats or the Republicans. 
  3. Our two political parties seem to be controlled by business and public finance. 
  4. If the third party is owned by billionaires, then we really aren't getting anything new.
  5. What kind of party would be formed?
  6. Political parties tend to break down.
  7. Americans feel the economic crisis is not being taken seriously by either of the two parties, which is why a third voice might be necessary. 
  8. What is the role of class in all of this?
  9. 58% of Americans oppose War in Afghanistan.
  10. 50%-60% support public healthcare. 
  11. Most Democrats fear that a third political party would be a disadvantage for their party and for Obama in the 2012 election.
  12. The only way to have a stable democracy is to move people out of poverty into the middle class. 
  13. Why do we need to define ourselves by political parties?

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