Saturday, December 10, 2011

New York Times Budget Puzzle

How much did you save?
In 2015, I saved 400 billion.
In 2030, I saved 714 billion.

What % came from tax increases?
45% of the savings came from tax increases.

What % came from spending cuts?
55% of the savings came from spending cuts.

I had a hard time deciding where to cut spending in areas such as medicare and social security. I decided against raising the retirement and social security age. The easiest decisions for me by far were the military cuts. I cut funding for weapons, cut troop sizes, and chose to pull most troops out of the Middle East by 2015.
Although the decisions made in terms of social security, health care, and medicare will undoubtedly earn me votes from the Democrats, these choices combined with the military decisions will probably lose me Republican votes.

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