Monday, December 5, 2011

Political Cartoon Week of 12/5

1. Do you think the author is more liberal or conservative, and why?
2. What do you think is the purpose of this cartoon?
3. Are there any symbols in this cartoon? If so, what are they and what do they represent?


  1. This cartoon is amusing and a bit cute at the same time. However, the author's opinion comes off very strongly. He/she is a liberal poking fun at the conservatives' support on spending a lot of money on ridiculous, exaggerated, and useless weapons systems (thus the dinosaur/space travel crossover), yet doing nothing to further benefit the upcoming generation on which this very nation will depend on. (Of course, unless that "early childhood" education only counts fetuses, which conservatives consider to be alive.) Do you believe that this is entirely accurate? I mean, trillions (decided by Republicans alone) are not being spent towards developing useless weapons systems, right?...

  2. I agree with Christine that the author is definitely liberal, since the Republican party is portrayed as absurd in their support for weapons but not for children (unless they are unborn). That, in fact, is the purpose of the cartoon. Christine, while the cartoon is definitely exaggerated, I think that it is fundamentally accurate. The GOP cares much more about military spending than child welfare, but gets upset whenever abortion is mentioned. Why do Republicans focus so much more on fetuses than on children who need assistance?

  3. I agree with both Eli and Christine the author is being more liberal because it is representing the trademarked republican elephant. The purpose of the cartoon is the emphasize how much the republican party has spent on systems that we will never use but put effort into situations such as "abortion," that shouldn't be in the forefront. The dinosaur symbolizes the "Grand Old Party" itself with extinct ideals and ancient morals.