Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2000 Election: Recount


  1. The Supreme Court ruled to stop the Florida election recount on December 12.
  2. Al Gore retracted his personal phone concession to Bush on November 8th.
  3. Bush beat Gore by only about 0.03%
  4. Elections must be certified within 5-6 days.
  5. Machine ballots can be flawed.
  6. 20,000 voters were legally disqualified. 
  7. Gore vs. Harris in federal court --> Gore lost.
  8. At the time, Katherine Harris was Secretary of State of Florida. 


  1. Was Katherine Harris truly as evil as she is depicted in the movie?
  2. Had Al Gore been expecting to win Florida?
  3. What does "concede" mean in terms of voting and politics?
  4. Did each county have different standards for recounting?
  5. Are the machine recounts more accurate than manual recounts?
  6. On what grounds did the Supreme Court stop the recount?
  7. Is there even a possibility that the outcome could have been different has the recount been completed?
  8. How could the recounting process have been made to be constitutional?

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