Monday, October 31, 2011

Roe vs. Wade

Details of the case:

  1. Modern abortion techniques have significantly reduced the likelihood of a woman's death during the procedure. This eliminates the claim that abortion is primarily a health issue. Now, it is more of a moral concern.
  2. The Constitution does not explicitly mention any rights to privacy. 
  3. The court mentioned that bringing an "unwanted" child into a family could cause harm, both physically and mentally.
  4. the 14th amendment protects a woman's right to get an abortion.
  5. Many people believe that life begins at conception, while others believe life begins after birth. To some people, abortion is similar to murder. 
  6. The state has the ability to regulate the abortion procedure after the first trimester.
  7. Saving the mother's life is a legal justification for having an abortion. 
  8. Viability of a fetus is usually around 7 months. 
  9. The case disallowed many federal and state restrictions on abortions.
  10. 7-2 majority in favor of Roe. 
  1. What would a biologist have to say about this issue? When would they say life begins?
  2. Do states ever have to ability to prohibit an abortion? 
  3. If abortions were deemed illegal, do you think many people would simple turn to back alley abortions?  
  4. How has this decision impacted society?
  5. Could it be argued that abortion is not really a government issue, but rather a moral or religious issue?

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  1. "Is there a deadline for selecting a new justice?"

    Don't believe so. See if you can find out what the longest vacancy on the Supreme Court has been. This is where recess appointments come into play, at least for the lower federal courts.