Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Answer to US Constitution Question

Stephanie asked:  Do you think it's good that amendments can be made or do you think the constitution should be left how it was originally written? 

Without a doubt, I think it is a very good thing that amendments can be added to the Constitution. As time progresses and we develop as a society with new technology, ideas, and knowledge, our guidelines to live by undeniably shift. We have to have the ability to adapt our Constitution to the constantly changing way of life we have, otherwise the document would eventually become somewhat irrelevant. If we could not make changes and additions, the Constitution's principles would no longer be able to effectively govern us, which could ultimately result in political chaos and feuding. 
There was no way for the founding fathers to really predict the future; they wrote the Constitution based off of the issues they experienced during that time period. For not knowing how our nation would transform and develop, they certainly did a fabulous job; however, I do believe that is it a wonderful thing that we are capable of adding amendments to fit our times. 

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