Sunday, October 30, 2011

West Wing Episode

The Supremes

  1. The open bench position will usually be filled with someone similar to the old justice. 
  2. The executive branch will no select super-controversial candidates.
  3. We have a government based compromises. In the episode, the bench will filled with a conservative and a liberal to please both sides.
  4. The judiciary council reviews new justices. 
  5. The court performs best when balanced with different types of people. 
  6. The president works with many people when he makes decisions. He has a team of administrators and staff. 
  7. Justice's political views often shift as they serve on the court. Sometimes, strict left or right wing justices become more centrist.
  8. The government sometimes shapes what they do around how they think the public will react, i.e. not choosing just a strict liberal or a strict conservative. 

  1. Is there a deadline for selecting a new justice?
  2. Who interviews prospect justices?
  3. Can the president actually ask a justice to resign?
  4. Does a president's nominee ever get rejected b the judiciary council?
  5. Are there any sort of qualifications for being a justice? 
  6. What positions do most justices hold before appointment to the Supreme Court?

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