Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Electoral College Votes

Facts/Details Learned

  1. Currently, we have a "winner takes all system," but this is being petitioned to be changed.
  2. One electoral college vote would be awarded for each of the state's congressional districts, and the winner of the popular vote would receive two more.
  3. With the 2012 election expected to be close, this system would likely benefit the Republicans more than the Democrats. 
  4. Our representative, Pat Meehan, has opposed the change. 
  5.  It only takes six defections in the Senate, or 11 in the House, to stop the bill.
  6. Democrats have won PA in the last 5 presidential elections, but the state has always been very competitive.
  7. This new voting system could potentially reduce overall voting turnout. 
  8. This bill has also been introduced in Wisconsin. 
  9. This bill could mean that one candidate could win the state but actually receive fewer electoral college votes than the other candidate. 
  10. A secretive nonprofit group called All Votes Matter has been pushing the electoral vote scheme since May. All Votes Matter has close ties to the Pennsylvania GOP


  1. Was the bill proposed by Democrats, Republicans, or a mix of both?
  2. Has this system of voting been successful in the other states that use it?
  3. Would this new system reduce our power in elections?
  4. What are the negatives and positives of this bill?
  5. Could this piecemeal electoral college voting system have a huge impact on the outcome of the presidential election?

This bill was proposed by Sen. Pileggi

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