Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Representatives' Personal Finances

Robert Andrews
Andrews has a net worth of between $66,005-$206,000, ranking him 346th in the House. He has a total of 5 assets that total between $81,005-$216,000. He has had one liability of between $10,000-$15,000.

Bob Casey
Casey's net worth is from $160,020-$578,000, ranking him 84th in the Senate. He has a total of 14 assets of between $160,020-$578,000. He has had three transactions totaling $45,003 and $150,000.

One reason why knowing members of Congress' personal  finances is important is because we are able to get a better idea of where many of their opinions are coming from. For example, it might be harder for someone who is very wealthy to accurately represent many common Americans. With millionaires forming nearly 50% of our Congress, this is often the case. It's not that these millionaires are bad Senators or Representatives, but how can we expect them to totally understand the perspective of something they have never truly experienced?

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