Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Illegal Immigrant Questions

1. Why do some immigrants opt to come to the US illegally rather than legally?

  • There are only a certain number of immigrants allowed to enter the country per year. The one who do not make the cut usually do no just give up; they choose to enter the country illegally. Some come illegally because it takes too long to file for citizenship, and their situation calls for immediate action. Others like illegal immigration because it means they do not have to pay taxes.

2. Would our country likely face immediate financial problems if all the illegal immigrants left due to the empty jobs? Or, would the situation improve?

    • At first, our economy would probably collapse a little because there would be huge gaps in industries such as farming and factories where the illegal immigrants mostly worked. Americans will not want to fill in these positions because they are not used to this type of back-breaking labor, because they would be underpaid, and, sometimes, because the are overqualified. Eventually, the economic situation would likely improve.

3. Do young illegal immigrants attend school?

  • Children of illegal immigrants are allowed to attend public school because public schools do not ask citizenship questions upon enrollment; they only ask residential questions to prove that the student lives in their district. As long as the student lives in the district, the school is required to teach them. However, if the child of an illegal immigrant chose to never attend an American school, it would fly under the radar because nobody knows the child exists in the country. 

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