Tuesday, November 8, 2011

John Boehner

Facts/Details Learned

  1. He failed to cut a multitrillion-dollar deficit-reduction deal with President Obama.
  2. He had to pull his debt-limit bill from the floor at the eleventh hour before reviving it with concessions to conservatives.
  3. Boehner and the Republicans have used the leverage of controlling the single chamber of Congress to cut one trillion dollars from the budget for the next decade.
  4. Member of the Republican party
  5. He has been leader of the House since 2006.
  6. There seems to be frustration with him because he does not accomplish much.
  7. He has a reputation of always voting "no."
  8. Represents Ohio's 8th Congressional District.


  1. Does Boehner have any plans to work with the President and the Senate, rather than against them?
  2. Boehner often calls for the creation of more jobs, but does little to make this happen. How does he suggest we create more jobs?
  3. Who elects the Speaker of the House?
  4. Is he well-liked in the House?
  5. Has he impacted the Congress in a major way?

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